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International Sikh Martial Art Academy (ISMAA) is dedicated for the promotion of Sikh martial games nurtured by revered Gurus across the globe. ISMAA envisions in standardizing, promoting and reviving the Indian Sikh martial art Gatka and other Sikh games akin to other traditional martial arts in the world.

This selfless and dedicated endeavour of ISMAA is launched to awake the masses about ancient martial arts and games, otherwise, it might happen that next generations will totally be unaware of Gatka and Sikh sports. It was generally at public display during religious processions but ISMAA, National Gatka Association of India, Gatka Federation (India) and Gatka Association (Punjab) have taken bold initiatives to recognize this martial art as a sport in the India.

It’s a humble effort to revive this forgotten and dying ancient martial art having a historical significance as some international organisations have included this art in the diminishing forms of art. Besides, ISMAA has been organising “Virsa Sambhal” Gatka competitions to perpetuate the rich legacy of age-old Sikh martial art Gatka amongst the future generations on one hand and to revive this dying art on the other.


  1. The School Games Federation of India (SGFI) had included Gatka as a sport in National School Games calendar.
  2. Department of Education, Punjab had also recognised Gatka as a sport in its schools, colleges and universities since 2009. The School Education Department is organizing its Punjab State Inter-District Gatka tournaments since 2010.
  3. The Punjab School Education Board (PSEB) SAS Nagar had also been organising cultural competitions including Gatka annually. The Board awards three marks in total marks during the annual practical examinations to all players including Gatka players. Besides this, the PSEB had also included lessons on Gatka in school textbooks.
  4. The Association of Indian Universities had also included Gatka in National University Sports calendar from 2015. The Punjabi University Patiala had organized All India Inter-University Gatka (Men-Women) prize money Tournaments four times since 2011.
  5. To upkeep and conserve inheritance of martial art Gatka, “Virsa Sambhal” Gatka competitions are being conducted in the Punjab as well as in other States.
  6. ISMAA is organising Gatka training camps, refresher courses and workshops to impart exhaustive training to Gatka players as officials.
  7. In collaboration with National Gatka Association of India and Gatka Federation (India), ISMAA had formulated and standardized in-depth Gatka Rules book to play Gatka as systematic game in traditional dress.
  8. To put in place an effective mechanism to identify and nurture Gatka sporting talent, ISMAA will establish an academic residential institute namely “International Gatka Institute for Research and Training (IGIRT) in SAS Nagar, Punjab to conduct research and development activities on Gatka. As Punjabi University Patiala had started one year “Diploma in Gatka Training” course, ISMAA will also start such diploma in Gatka training and six months certificate course in the institute. Besides, specialised Gatka Training Centres (GTCs) will also to be setup in all the States under ISMAA.
  9. “Sikh Martial Art Research and Training Board” (SMART Board) have been reconstituted to grant scholarships to the aspiring research scholars pursuing study in the field of martial art Gatka to perpetuate the rich legacy of age-old martial art Gatka amongst the future generations on one hand and to revive this dying art on the other.
  10. ISMAA is also producing documentary film on Gatka to showcase its historical importance and unique self-defence mechanism. Besides, websites on Gatka game have also been running including a mobile Gatka App to disseminate awareness on the web world.
  11. To expand horizon of Gatka sport, World Gatka Council (WGC) have also been constituted to manage, control and promote Gatka organisations globally.
  12. ISMAA and National Gatka Association of India will organise its National Men and Women Gatka Open Championships besides veteran Gatka events.

The office bearers of ISMAA have utmost dedication to promote this great game at international level. They have dream and vision to promote and exhibit Gatka to the diaspora and desirous of Gatka to be included as a game in the Olympics.

ISMAA calls upon all commonality to earnestly cooperate, support and help in attaining the desired goal that is the Sikh Sangat longing for utmost since decades for this game patronaged by beloved gurus.

Join us in our selfless efforts for the sake of Gatka by supporting us in various ways as you think so.