ISMAA has planned to upgrade and modernize the playing and management of Gatka tournaments by infusing latest information technology techniques, gadgets and upgrading other infrastructure facilities so that modernisation in tournament management could enable and demonstrate entry of Gatka at international competitions effectively. This planning includes :

  1. Digital scoreboard and stopwatch to display live judgement information to spectators.
  2. Tournament entries of players and officials to be computerised to declare instant results and proper maintenance of records.
  3. Match/bout replay facility on LEDs to resolve scoring issues.
  4. Installation of HD video cameras for live telecast in stadium and web-casting.
  5. Wooden Gatka sticks to be replaced by fibre sticks embedded with sensors and microchips for quick scoring and calculate fouls.
  6. Smart identity cards for players with unique ID number and bar coding/QR coding to maintain detailed information of players and officials.
  7. Computerised national/international grading and ranking of players and officials.
  8. Sports certificates to be embedded with holograms and bar-coding.
  9. Synthetic mats for Gatka ground with pre-demarcation of field boundaries and lines.
  10. A dedicated server to maintain and secure data of players, referees and matches.
  11. Mobile van for taking material and weapons in training camps.

It seems a task of gigantic proportions at first to accomplish mission of taking Gatka to greater heights but with your cooperation and wholehearted support, this holy task can surely be completed with resounding success.