Membership for ISMAA

Any person/player may become a primary or provisional member of the International Sikh Martial Art Academy (ISMAA) regardless of age, sex, race, region and religion provided his/her introducer shall be a member of ISMAA. The decision of the membership committee as regards the admission of members shall be final.

The provisional membership is valid for one year and to be renewed every year. A membership card, which is issued to the new members, shall have to be produced for inspection when required to do so.

Enterance Fees

  1.  An entrance fee or Rs. 1,000/- per month shall be payable together with the application form for membership, in default of which the application would be rejected.
  2.  A member shall pay subscription to the ISMAA annually in advance during the 1st week of January every year. Membership rates shall be in accordance with the grade of a member. Such rates shall be as follow ;
    • a) Grade A member      -Rs. 50,000/-    for  Life member
    • b) Grade B member      -Rs. 10,000/-    for  5 yrs membership
    • c) Social Member           -Rs.2500/-       for  one year
    • d) Students/Players     -Rs. 1,000         for  one year
  3.  If a member falls in to pay arrears along with his membership or other dues, he shall be informed by the Finance Secretary immediately. If the arrears are not paid by the member within the next 14 days of their becoming due, his membership shall be automatically terminated.
  4.  A member removed from the list of membership may be re-admitted on the basis of his/her fresh application to be reviewed by the Executive Committee if the subscription due is paid.

Membership Benefits includes:

  1.  Membership, smart ID card and coloured emblem for blazer.
  2.  Free/economical charges for Gatka refresher/training/coaching courses/camps/clinics and workshops.
  3.  Get affordable facilities to stay at Academy’s institute at SAS Nagar.
  4.  Invitations for participation in annual Gatka Festivals/events.
  5.  Discounted entry to Gatka organizations during Championships.
  6.  Free entry in ISMAA members’ directory.
  7.  Free distribution of Gatka literature or magazine.
  8.  Receive colourful ISMAA calendar on every new-year.