Tournament Equipment

Gatka Ground Equipment

The following ground equipment must be available as per the requirement but may be increased in view of level of tournament :

  1.  Sufficient amount of chalk powder, Lime Kali Chuna (Calcium Hydroxide) or tape to draw the ground markings/lines.
  2.  A measuring meter tape at least 50 feet long.
  3.  Four tables and eight chairs for officials, referees etc.
  4.  Gong (with striker) or bell.
  5.  Two stop watches.
  6.  Five (5) whistles.
  7.  One first-aid kit.
  8.  Notepads for Judgement/Result sheets conforming to the pattern drawn up by the ISMAA.
  9.  Two (2) cordless microphones connected to PA system.
  10.  Sticks and Farris (at least ten each).
  11.  At least six Faceguards (three Red and three Blue).
  12.  Singlets/Jackets at least six (three red and three blue).
  13.  Six Belts (Kamarkassa) (white/yellow/blue or different colour except red).
  14.  First-Aid Kit, one stretcher and one ambulance
  15.  Plain papers, file covers (20), pens, staplers (2) and carbon papers.
  16.  Red and Blue flags tied properly on a 1½ foot long stick (at least 3 each).
  17.  In case of computerization of results through Gatka management system, then there shall be ;

(a) Five computers/laptops, two printers with UPSs, five extension boards.
(b) One coloured printer.
(c) Scoreboard
(d) At least two LCDs
(e) Three HD video cameras
(f) Uninterrupted /backup power supply/Generator (Silent)
(g) Fast speed internet connection with wi-fi router

B.  Minimum Requirements for a tournament :
The following tentative requirements must be available but keeping in view the level of tournament these items may be increased :

  1.  VIP stage at least 20 x 15 x 4 size, Lecture stand, at least 2 seven seater Sofas, Carpets, Flower decoration on stage, badges for VIPs
  2.  At least 25 deluxe chairs on VIP stage & 400 chairs for public with covers
  3.  Backdrop of VIP stage : size 10×6 or as per size of VIP stage
  4.  Sound system, 4 cordless mikes, CD/USB player, generator
  5.  Two Gatka grounds : size 50 ft radius each, may be on stages measuring 50 x 50 x 3 ft, 4 judgement tables, 3 tables with covers for placing weapons, Victory stand, 20 Flags with different colours, 3 flag poles for ISMAA flags, trained person for flag hoisting, band party,
  6.  Welcome banner, Entry gate and at least 2 hoarding in the grounds,
  7.  Drinking water for players and public (water tanker), mineral water bottles for VIP, tea/coffee and snacks and dry fruits on stage,
  8.  ‘Langar’ for players and public if possible,
  9.  Lohis and Siropas for honouring VIPs and Referees
  10.  If more than one day event, then comfortable night stay arrangements,
  11.  Invitation for press and their seating arrangement, press note preparation and emailing
  12.  Photographer and Videographer for coverage
  13.  Medals and certificates of ISMAA
  14.  Scoreboard, 2 LCD’s
  15.  All arrangements to operate Gatka Management system during the event.